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We are all living through very difficult times. Racial issues, wars, discrimination, gender inequality, sexual abuse, politics, and changes in the environment are just a few of the conflicts that we all must deal with, in this … twisted world in which we live!


Working with 30 different textural yarns of distinction, from Black to White, 28 cords were created …. systematically combining them in a very logical, mathematical order … trying to make sense … out of chaos … using twisting and braiding … manually creative techniques. Even the technique required extreme concentration to address the confusion.


The resulting, unruly cords were then pulled tightly into a precise order on a base canvas and then interwoven in the opposite direction … not an easy task. However …


The result is shown as the potential reconstruction, alignment and integration  … of all of our twisted conflicts that we deal with each and every day … into something that can be visually understood and embraced.  

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